The Swimming Pool

Swimming pools provide hours of fun but can be potentially lethal.  Please would you note the following rules for the pool!

  • Children must not, under any circumstance, be allowed to use the pool unaccompanied – even if they hold every swimming badge known to man.

  • Please can everyone use the solar shower (near the pool) before swimming! Oils and creams damage the liner and filter system.

  • Small inflatables are fine (but please keep an eye on children using these) – but the use of dinghies/oars/sticks or any non-soft object is not allowed.

  • The pool is approx. 1.60m at the deep end and approx. 1.20m at the shallow end. The shallow end and steps are to the right as you go down to the pool area. Please try to avoid diving – this is when injuries happen.

  • In line with French regulations, the pool is designed to stop all access to small children, for this reason the catch for the pool gate is located on the rear of the gate. It is essential that people do not, therefore, open the gate for children without their parents.

  • The quiet enjoyment of inflatables is almost a must, however please ensure that these are not used in such a way as to spoil the otherwise peaceful enjoyment of other pool users. Inflatables can be dangerous to small children playing – please keep a constant eye on all children.

  • o glassware or sharp objects should be brought to the poolside and under no circumstances be allowed to enter the pool. Please also avoid wearing sharp jewellery in the pool, as the pool-liner can be damaged very easily.

  • Please do not attempt to use the pool once the night cover has been put in place.

  • Please do not use bathroom towels by the pool as this ruins them (please also be very careful with cosmetics/false tan etc on these room towels). Pool towels are provided separately.

  • We have largely done away with the need for parasols, replacing them with fixed shade sails. If, however, any parasols are in use, please make sure that they are folded down in an evening - we do get sudden stormy winds and parasols can do a great deal of damage if left up. If the weather looks particularly hazardous parasols are lifted from their bases and stacked under the balcony stairs. We will endeavour to do this if we see a storm brewing but can guests also please be aware of this potential hazard. Parasols blowing about are dangerous and can do very expensive damage.

  • The pool is heated from April/May to the end of September – but please bear in mind that the hotter the outside temperature, the hotter the skin the cooler the water will feel. Similarly, at the start and end of the year when the night temperature falls, the pool will never be as hot as the temperature achieved in summer.

  • Guests must not enter the room housing the pool mechanics (under the pool) or interfere with any of the equipment connected with the heating or treatment of the pool. We will set the automatic sweeper to run during the night, we will also remove this in the morning.

  • First thing in the morning we will endeavour to sweep the top of the pool. As the pool is outdoors and surrounded by woodland there will be bits and pieces that require some further scooping off during the day. A large scoop is provided for this – please take great care with this piece of equipment and be aware of the length of the handle and what you may be knocking off the wall behind you! Children must not use this scoop.

  • Stones or toys thrown in the pool can damage all the filtration system.


Hot Water

The hot water in the showers and sinks can get very hot indeed – please take great care to work out how to moderate the temperature before you get in the shower or put your hands under the tap – children should be supervised.

The Gardens and Woods

Unfortunately, the gardens do not look after themselves and we will need to keep looking after these during your stay.  We will try to respect your privacy but we do need to keep dead-heading and weeding and checking that sufficient water is getting to everything. 

Most of the garden is covered by an automated watering system but this (contrary to common belief) does not mean there is nothing to do – we get blockages and sometimes it is just too hot and dry for the irrigation to cope alone.  In periods of rain we may switch off the irrigation but still then need to get to water the plants that are under cover.

Please feel free to wander around the garden and woods – you may find that perfect place to sit and read or to have an afternoon nap.  Please be aware that anything that looks like a wilderness; probably is – so please be careful with uneven ground, thorns and watch out for things that might bite or sting you.  Children remain the responsibility of their parents at all times.

Outbuildings - please do not enter any of the out-building they are not safe and may contain sharp objects or harmful substances.

Insects and the like

Rural France produces more, and larger versions of everything, including insects and bugs!  Please do not be alarmed by these. The easiest way of dealing with them is to just accept that the majority of them will do you no harm and it is much simpler to all live together.

There are a number of things that you can do to assist with mosquitoes – 

  • Do leave your door closed during the day and evening (this will also help to keep the room cool). Windows and some external bedroom doors can be left open if netted. All our rooms have either a door or a window with a fly net on.

  • Never leave the door open and the light on.

  • It is a good idea to use a skin spray during the evening if you are outside.

  • If you find that you are having a problem, we have some plug in repellents, which you use with the room closed up during the early evening - these should ensure a trouble free night.

  • There are only certain times of year when the mosquitoes are about – and usually any problem can be almost eliminated by careful planning.

Bees and wasps should not cause any real problem unless sat upon!  There is little that can be done – this is rural France and they are busy doing what they do best – best thing is to relax and let them get on with it.  The only thing we would ask is that if you spot any unusual ‘nesting’ type activity - you just mention it to us – thanks! If you experience any trouble with ants – please let us know – Bob is partial to a little ‘ant-control’.


Please be aware just how strong the summer-sun is in this region.  Please take maximum steps to protect yourself from burning.  We have erected a number of shade sails which do offer much more protection from UV than normal parasols.  The trees and the balcony also provide useful and welcome shaded areas.

It is essential to keep bedroom doors shut and where possible the curtains drawn during the day to help keep the rooms cool for the evening.


For the sake of other guests and our insurers we do not allow smoking in any of the property.  If you wish to smoke outside – please use an ashtray.  Smoking in the garden/wood area is forbidden – only on gravelled area and with careful use of ashtrays.  If we end up picking up cigarette ends in between our let weeks, this is classed as excessive cleaning and will, I am afraid, be charged for. 

Fire and BBQ

During any normal summer weather, it is incredibly easy to set fire to the undergrowth – please under no circumstance smoke in the woods or away from hard standing.  Similarly, no attempt should be made to light fires/BBQs -  apart from on stone/hard standing – if you are unsure about a suitable position – please ask –  don’t underestimate how quickly a spark can turn into a disaster. 

The BBQ should always be stored away under the balcony/cover when not in use.   Please do not use the BBQ where it will stain the stone flags.  Children should not be allowed to operate the BBQ.  If you are unsure how to use it, please ask Bob.  One of the BBQs runs off gas, if you run out – let us know and we will supply another bottle. The second BBQ uses charcoal - there should be a starter supply, please replace for the next guests. Supermarkets will supply this.

Smoke Detectors are fitted in all our bedrooms

Fire Extinguishers are located in the kitchen of La Grange and in the laundry cupboard in Le Cottage

First Aid Kits are located in both kitchens. Please replace items used or tell us so that we can ensure complete kits.


The telephone number for the doctors is 05 63 29 62 10.  They are located in Montaigu de Quercy.  To find him you need to go to the roundabout and turn right – you will be on a long straight road.  On the left-hand side about 700 meters along there is a medical centre.


Both Montiagu and Lauzerte and Montcuq have a pharmacy – not open Sundays and closed at lunchtimes.  Supermarkets do not sell any pharmaceuticals – you will need to go to the pharmacy.

Useful Numbers

Pompiers (Fire brigade) 18     (in rural areas the Pompiers are also the paramedics and will attend for medical emergencies)      

SAMU  (Paramedic)      15               ( The word 'ambulance' in France is more of a medical taxi)   

Police                             17              European Emergency Call (from a mobile) 112

In the case of an emergency whilst you are at Las Razes – do use the landline in the office (opposite our house door).  If you ring one of the three services from a landline they will automatically know where you are.

The GP’s out of hours service is 3699 – you will reach a service that will find you a doctor if this is deemed necessary.  French speaking.


The nearest A & E is in Moissac (82200) – about 23 km from here.  As you enter the town follow the signs for Emergency Hospital. (Red Cross on the signs)

The address here is – Las Razes, 82190 Touffailles.  We are 1km from Touffailles in the direction of Montaigu de Quercy on the D41 - Road to the right on the bad bends – marked Las Razes.    

Our house telephone number 05 63 94 32 80.  Mobile   06 79 01 49 02       email -  (I do pick these up when I am away from home)  


None of the information on this website should be deemed as contractual - life happens and things are subject to change.  This information is provided to assist you in the planning of your holiday and is supplied in good-faith.