House Keeping (and so much more!)

Matters domestic are never terribly exciting. Once you have arrived at Las Razes you will see that we try our very best to present the property clean and ready for you arrival. You may also realise that it is a large place to prepare in a very short turn around from people leaving and arriving (therefore we have to be boring about arrival and departure times – sorry). Occasionally, we have people that abuse the situation and we have to take steps to protect the house, our own sanity and the next guests from any disrespectful behaviour. So here are a few pointers as well as a few bits of what we hope is useful information.


A selection of cleaning products can be found in the kitchen, please replace these as used. There is a mop and bucket, sweeping brush and dustpan and brush, also all in the kitchen.

You will find that there is a small supply of the following – please can you leave a similar supply for the next guests.

Bin liners

Washing up liquid

Dishwasher tablets


Dishwasher salt

Washing powder

Cleaning spray Bathroom/Kitchen and floor cleaner, wood polish

Toilet Rolls and small individual soaps in each bathroom

Tea bags and Coffee

When you leave the property, it is essential that all rooms and bathrooms are left clean and ready for incoming occupants, please also remove all rubbish from the bins, food from the kitchen etc. Please use bin liners in all bins – including bathrooms.

Please strip the beds of sheets, duvet covers and the top pillow cases - please leave the pillow protectors and mattress protectors in place.

There is only just enough time for us to prepare Las Razes for the next guests each Saturday – where the property is not left reasonably tidy and clean ready for the next guests, rubbish cleared away and beds stripped we reserve the right to make an additional charge for cleaning. This includes any additional cleaning that might be required to the pool due to the use of oils and sun-creams in the water.


Rubbish can be taken to the village bins, these are located in either Touffailles next to the bakers.or if you go pass the post office and turn to the right then continue for about 500 m there is a large rubbish and recycling area including a place to take glass bottles.

At the communal bins you will find yellow topped bins for recycling and green topped bins for normal waste.

In La Grange - there is a box (and bags) to keep the recycling in - under the counter next to the gas hob.

In Le Cottage there is a blue plastic box (and bags) on a shelf above the washing machine for recycling.

We would urge you to take rubbish regularly to avoid a build-up of rubbish that might attract animal and insect life! We suggest double bagging the rubbish bags and taking to the bins every day or two. Please do not leave bags of rubbish outside the property in bags as it will attract animal and insects. Always use the dustbins provided to store rubbish before you take it to the communal bins.

Please make sure that all rubbish is removed when you finish your holiday.

Linen and towels

We are happy to provide you with clean bed linen for the second half of your (over 7 night) stay, We will take the used linen away for washing. Please let us know what is required as soon as possible. If you require additional linen sooner than this - please just let us know.

At the end of your stay please strip the beds and leave the linen in the rooms.

Drinking Water

The water at Las Razes is mains water and is great to drink.

Back door to the kitchen (for guests staying at La Grange)

This door should be treated as an emergency exit only. The only exception to this rule is for guests wishing to borrow bikes. The bikes are stored in here along with some helmets. Please do not allow children access to this storage space. To aid ventilation the door can be left open and the mosquito/cat net door closed – this can be locked from the inside. We recommend this when cooking and on very hot days.


Please feel free to feed the chickens suitable food (bread, cereal, fruit etc) No meat please! If children (or even big people) would like to collect the eggs, just let us know and we will arrange this for you.

Clothes Washing Machine and Drying

These are generally easy to use – but if you are not sure please do not hesitate to seek help. For La Grange there is a rotary clothes line – if you go out of the double back doors of the salon (near to the snooker table) you will find this to the left next to the trees. In Le Cottage there is a clothes drying rack that can be lowered from the covered terrace.

Even with the large amount of laundry we get through here we never ever use a drying machine! This is one of the small ways we can help with our ‘environmental load’ - we simply harness the sun!


Please look take great care of the keys and remember to leave them when you leave. Security is not a major issue here and we are generally about on site – but all valuables should be locked away if you leave the premises.

Water Preservation

This area of France can get very short of water – please do everything you can to conserve water.. We do everything we can to gather rain water - which we direct into our well and then use for irrigation.

Electricity Supply

In common with most rural areas of France we can and do experience power cuts – we just have to learn to live with these – they rarely last very long. It is also possible that the local supply can be easily overloaded – to assist, please could you turn out lights when leaving your room. Also, it is worth staggering the use of appliances that use lots of power – so if possible put the dishwasher and clothes washing machines on at different times and not when the ovens are in full use – simply staggering use gives the supply a much better chance of having no power failure.


Please add salt and rinse-aid regularly.


All the drains lead to a septic-tank – so please ensure that nothing (including sanitary towels, tampons, facial wipes, baby wipes, nappies, cotton wool and excessive toilet roll) is put down the toilet, Please also ensure that bleach is NOT allowed into the system. We have had families with babies bring the entire system to an unpleasant halt with nappies and wipes! A miss-used septic tank spoils your holiday and the people following you. We do check the tank before each arrival. Miss-use is classed as damage.

Table Tennis/Darts/Games - equipment (for guests staying at La Grange)

There are bats for the table tennis table in the cupboard/drawers near the door to the kitchen. Darts are also located in here. The dart board is behind doors next to the large table. Please do not allow children to play unsupervised – so that we do not have damage to all the woodwork!

There is also a giant Jenga set – which is ideal for outside and inside games along with a large chess-set which works very well on the back terrace (under the shade-sail).


There is a giant chess set on one of the back terraces. Guests from either property are welcome to use this (summer months only).


There are a few bikes on site for you they are stored in the back room of the kitchen for La Grange - also accessible from outside for guests staying at Le Cottage. Please report any problems with the bikes.


You will come across two cats that live amongst us.

Safie is the light-coloured cat – she may come to see if anyone ‘loves’ her. She was abandoned as a very young kitten. Tilly the tabby cat is a little older (and wiser) she is a real sweet-heart.

The cats are not allowed inside the property and the netted doors and window means you can ensure that they do not. The cats are in big trouble if they go in the bedrooms – so PLEASE do not encourage them in – and double check that they are not getting shut in!

We try to stop them sleeping on the cushions on the chairs around the outside table. The simplest way to do this is to simply flip the cushions up when you push the chair back under the table. Please do not feed the cats – they have meal times and only eat from their bowls – we need to try and keep their manners in check.


We have two small rescue dog called Mimi and Molly.. We do not encourage them to visit the gite so please do not tempt them over as the people coming the week after you may not appreciate their affection.

Mimi was abandoned at a gypsy camp and so has had to learn quite a few new things since arriving here 5 years ago. If you throw her ball for her – you will have a life time commitment to doing the same.

Then last year we have acquired the even smaller Molly. Molly is an elderly little dog who’s had a hard and sad life. She came from Spain. She is nervous (but gaining confidence) and has come to Las Razes for a dignified and peaceful retirement.

Please do not feed the dogs.

Vacating Rooms

Please can you vacate by 10.00am (11 am Le Cottage) on the day of your departure. Very occasionally we can vary this – if we can we will but if people are arriving the same day it will be almost impossible.


Mobile phones do work here but that does seem to be improving If you require our assistance with booking a table or need to borrow a land line phone – please do ask.


Free wifi access is available in the salon/dining room. You should also pick it up under the porch and in some areas of the terrace/balcony and in some cases in the bedrooms. When your phone searches for the modem it will find one that says Livebox. The password is Victoria and is also noted on the noticeboards.

Please do remember that we are in a fairly rural location and our broadband width is not as wide as in more urban areas – the downloading of films etc may take quite some time. Occasionally we lose service all together – just part of life in the middle of know-where.

Tourist Information

Most local places have their own Tourist Information Offices – we have also put together some leaflets and information that can be found in a file in the salon in La Grange. You will also find some more information and web links on this website. Do ask us for advice.


Please report any damage or breakages to us as soon as possible – this gives us a greater chance of arranging repairs or replacements.

Please note that parents remain entirely responsible for any damage done by children. This damage is not limited by the value of the damage bond already paid. Concerns include the snooker table – this must not be used by children under 10 and never without adult supervision.

Please do not allow children (or animals) to eat sitting on the sofas or armchairs! Sadly, we must say it – please do not allow children (or animals) to jump on the furniture!

If in doubt please ask us for advice or information.

None of the information on this website should be deemed as contractual - life happens and things are subject to change. This information is provided to assist you in the planning of your holiday and is supplied in good-faith.