Las Razes

Stunning September

I have to admit that this is my favourite month.   Any extreme heat has gone, the sunshine is still warm but the nights are cooler.  There is a sort of re-birth in the garden where plants that have struggled in the height of summer recover, flower again and appear to enjoy the gentler warmth.  This is often most noticeable with the roses, which draw breath and go on to colour most of the autumn.

This is the start of one of the busiest times of our gardening year.  There is so much to cut back.  The first to receive a ‘good trim’ are all the lavender plants.  It’s best to cut them back when there is still plenty of time for them to grow a little before the start of the winter’s chill.  It’s at this time of year (every year) that you discover just how many lavenders there are in the garden.  Just when you think you’ve the job done, another one waves its scented and faded arms at you from a far corner of a bed somewhere. 

The chopped off lavender stems do make great bedding for the as it holds some of the antiseptic properties that the plant is famous for.   The ‘local lavender and lamb’ farm uses their cut lavender for bedding their lambing ewes so as to help protect the new-born lambs.  So we will save some of our removed stems for the hen-house here at Las Razes.