November and the leaves are falling.

It is nearly the end of November and we are still being blessed with lovely weather.  Yes, we now have nippy mornings but the sun is warming and the days are just awash with autumn colours. You would swear that some of the trees were actually plugged in somewhere.   Some die-hard roses are making a last push to produce one more bloom but the colder nights have now put an end to the tender plants. So the pots and baskets are now all away ready for March next year when it will all start again.

I don’t think that anyone really tires of walking among fallen leaves and so getting out for a walk is truly a delight at this time of year.  Everywhere is peaceful, the air is so clear and fresh and you can just feel the earth pulling everything back ready for the harsher months to come.

It is this time of year that makes this a very special place to live.