Before you travel a few things to consider

1) Beds - We make these up ready for you - but we usually need a bit of information to help.  Have you sent us the Bedroom Form?  If not please could you submit it now?

2) Supermarket Shopping - If you are planning on going to a supermarket before you arrive then here are a few suggestions with web links which will hopefully help those travelling with phones/gps.   Please scroll down for different options depending on the direction of travel.

Intermarche in Montaigu de Quercy here

This will be the handiest if you are travelling from Bergerac Airport or in some instances driving from the North or West.  This is also one of the two nearest to Las Razes, during your stay.

Intermarche in Lauzerte click here

If you are driving  from the south via Cahors or, in some instances from the East - this will be the easiest .  This is also one of the two nearest (and our preferred) to Las Razes during your stay.

Intermarche in Moissac click here

If you are driving up from Toulouse airport then this is just about 1/2 km out of your way 

Intermarche in Valence D'Agen here

If you have exited the A62 - Bordeaux to Toulouse motorway - usually those driving down from the ports via Bordeaux

Intermarche in Bon Encontre (Agen) here

If you are arriving at Agen Station and driving to Las Razes, make sure you set your GPS to leave Agen via Grandfonds and you will find this supermarket (as well as many others) along the big main road leaving town.  Then you take the turning for Grandfonds at a roundabout and you are very quickly into countryside - there are no shops now until you get to Las Razes - so important to pick things up before this point.

If you miss and end up close to Las Razes - then head for the Intermarche noted for lauzerte.    Check opening times on the websites as these alter during the year and day of the week.

The supermarkets are open on Sunday morning.  If you are going to be arriving later than the shops will allow - please let us know and we can arrange some supplies to get you started.

3) Village Baker - essential croissant supplies!

The baker in the village is only (usually) closed on a Wednesday,  However, as Las Razes tends to have large groups staying we must warn you that you need to be up early (by 9am) and down there if you all want croissants.  Quite simply - they will run out!

If you do not have a keen early riser in your group then we suggest booking your order from day to day.  To get over Wednesday - double order on Tuesday and put them gently in the freezer.  If you want us to order for you for your first morning then let us know by email (croissants/ pain au raisin and chocolatines)  and how many of each. 

You should be able to still find bread without ordering it but if you develop a favourite - we would again resort to ordering.  A word of caution - this is a small business and what is ordered must be collected.  Once ordered it is payable!   The baker also sells a few other grocery essentials.

4) Extras - do you need us to book a table for you somewhere for soon after you arrive?  Particularly if you are a large party - do not leave this to chance.  Were you meant to organise a cake, massage, caterer, taxi or wine tasting event?  If so contact us urgently!