Paris, Yorkshire and bits in between

For Robert it’s been a very busy couple of weeks.  He‘s been in Paris, with his daughter, doing the sites.  Anyone that knows Robert will know that for him this means a lot of walking at high speed.   He sailed the Seine, climbed the Eiffle Tower, conquered the Metro and had his wallet emptied everywhere from the Champs-Élysées to Sacré-Cœur!

Arriving back to the peace of Las Razes it was quite clear that the bright lights of the city will not going to be calling him back any time soon!  Living here we get so used to tranquillity and a much nicer pace of life than cities tend to throw at you.   There were only a few days for him to try and get the garden back under some sort of control, catch up with swimming pool management and help prepare the place for our next guests, 16 people arriving from the UK by train, plane and automobile.   

Before jetting off again he took a day-off to visit St Cirq Lapopie, a lovely little village clinging to the rocks on the side of the River Lot.  He took his daughter for a wander and some lunch.  It’s a site well worth a visit although in the height of the season it can get very busy. 

Bags packed again and this time off on a flight from Bergerac for an important supper date in Yorkshire with a two year-old granddaughter.  Normal life will resume tomorrow when he returns and stays put here for the foreseeable future.