Celebrations, Fabulousness and a Hairy, House-Guest

All things festive this week!  Nearby there’s a huge wedding this weekend and Las Razes is full of wedding guests from Dublin here to celebrate the marriage and enjoying a very hot weekend here in the South West of France. It has been a very hot weekend!

Just before the weekend started we’d a visit from Karla Wagner who does the catering for guests at Las Razes who want a celebration or special meal without leaving the house.   Karla lives not very far away and we do wonder just where she gets her boundless energy from!  So we’re sure that there will be some delicious party nights, here, during August.

Then the weekend started with plenty of comings and goings. Much to the delight of our canine meet and greet team.   We had wedding ‘goodie bags’ delivered by the bride’s family for their guests’ arrival.  Gradually, throughout Friday, all the guests arrived, mainly by hire car from Toulouse airport and a couple who arrived by bicycle; they’d flown into Toulouse a day or two earlier with their bikes and then cycled their way to Touffailles.

On Saturday a coach came to collect everyone and take them to the Bride’s parent’s house.  The coach turned out to be too large to make its way up the drive and so everyone had to make their way down to the bottom of the drive and meet it there.  Everyone looked fabulous as they left.  We did not see their return trip as this was scheduled for the early hours.  Nobody was up very early on Sunday morning!

We’ve also had a very hairy, house-guest for the last few days.  Both Katherine and Tom have been away and so, Jack, their lovely border collie, has been having his very first ‘sleep-over’ with Bob, Mimi and I. He’s missing his Mum and Dad but being a very good boy.  It’s too hot for dogs at the moment and so it’s a case of them finding a cold floor and seeking out a fan for some cooling relief.