A not so 'Brief Encounter'

But time to linger at the Railway Station in Agen.

Sometimes our long-haul guests arrive in France at the Paris airports and then take the TGV train to Agen.  Others, preferring not to fly from elsewhere in Europe, including those coming from the UK, also arrive via Paris on the TGV.  The TGV from Paris is a regular, fast, comfortable and efficient service.

Agen is about 45 minutes from Las Razes.  A lovely town center, river-side and some great places to eat and drink. 

If you are travelling to Las Razes by train and then picking up a hire car and you have time to kill, maybe a wait for the car hire office (across and a little up the road opposite the station) to open after lunch.  Or, you must wait for some of your party to catch you up, then do not despair.  Without even leaving the station you are well catered for.

La Grande Brasserie at Agen Station is a wonderful place to eat.  It is sort of counter-intuitive to enjoy eating at a Railway station, but La Grande Brasserie is truly an exception.  So, if you have luggage and don’t want to venture into town, you can either eat inside LGB or on the lovely terrace and literally watch the world go travelling by. 

Rick Stein loved this place. So don’t panic if you must be at the station for a while – you’ve struck very lucky.

www.la-grande-brasserie-agen.fr; www.la-grande-brasserie-agen.fr

05 53 67 17 37, La Grande Brasserie, 1 place Rabelais, 47000 Agen